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Soft Wax Repair Stick Set

Soft Wax Repair Stick Set
Product Code: 964890410
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Wax Repair Sticks - available in sets of 10 or 20 containing an assortment of colours. The filler sticks can be used for quickly repairing damaged surfaces, including hardwood, softwood, veneer, laminate, melamine and foil paper. Application instructions are included with each set.

Key Features:
  • Colours can be mixed with each other
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast and easy filling of small scratches, cracks and open joints
  • Cost effective repair work
  • Large 80 x 15 x 15mm colour sticks
10 Pack Contains:
Light Maple
Natural Maple
Natural Pine
Medium Maple
Natural Oak
Medium Alder

20 Pack Contains:
Pure White
Natural Maple
Medium Maple
Medium Beech
Sen Ash
Medium Alder
Dark Beech
Light Oak
Medium Cherry wood
Medium Pearwood
Dark Pearwood
Rustic Oak
Dark Oak
Medium Walnut
Brown Mahogany
Bog Oak
Jet Black

Please note wood is a natural colour, therefore several wax colours should always be used to ensure the touch up work does not show. Suitable only for indoor use and preliminary testing required.
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