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Servo-Drive Flex Drive Unit

Product Code: Z10C500A
Brand: Blum
£234.95 Inc VAT
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Electrical handle-less opening

Combination Fridge-Freezer Solution: Each door in the combination fridge-freezer design is fitted with an individual Servo-Drive flex unit, offering a solution for independent opening.

Large & Heavy Door: Using two synchronised Servo-Drive flex units on a large and heavy refrigerator or freezer application ensures reliable opening.

Dishwasher Application: When using Servo-Drive flex with integrated dishwashers, the drive unit is mounted in a void of 78mm between the dishwasher & work surface.

Consists of:
1 x Drive unit
2 x Mounting plate
2 x Front fixing
1 x Front cover
1 x Catch plate
3 x Blum distance bumpers
1 x Connecting node
11 x Chipboard screws
1 x assembly jig

Additional information:
Model: Servo-Drive flex drive unit
Application: For handle-less integrated appliances
Colour: Grey
Input Power: 24V
Min Inst Height: 60mm
Width: 130mm
Depth: 279mm
Cable Length: 1mtr
Fixing Method: Clip to Mounting Plate
Guarantee: Lifetime

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