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MOVENTO Tip-On with Blumotion Runners

Product Code: PS980-760H
Brand: Blum
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Blum MOVENTO TIP-ON BLUMOTION runners for wooden drawer boxes.

The perfect mechanical solution for handle-less furniture. The basis for this is provided by the specially designed Movento runner. Varying nominal lengths and weight ranges can be achieved with the different Tip-On Blumotion units.

Pull-outs and drawers are designed and installed as normal. There is no additional space requirement. No additional work is required on the front, e.g. for recessed grips or handle strips. The four-dimensional adjustment ensures a precise gap layout. The optional front gap template ensures that a minimum front gap of 2.5 mm can be set.

Movento Tip-On with Blumotion Runner Kit Consist:
  • L & Rh 40kg capacity Movento Tip-On Blumotion runner of selected length
  • L & Rh Front Fixing Brackets
  • L & Rh Blumotion Tip-On unit & Latch Set
  • Optional synchronisation linkage 1125mm with 2 end adapters
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