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Blum MOVENTO Runners
Product Code: 760H2700S.SET
Brand: Blum
£39.17 Inc VAT
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Blum Movento runners provide an even more precise runner movement.

Opening: Low opening forces and a gentle transition to the smooth running action characterise, the Blum Movento runners opening behaviour. This is especially noticeable with smaller, lighter pull-outs and small handle strips.

Moving: Low friction nylon rollers in the Movento runners carriage, ensure a synchronised smooth running action. Pull-outs move very quietly, evenly and smoothly.

Closing: Regardless of how large or heavy the drawer or how much force is used for closing; Blum proven Blumotion technology adapts and always ensures a silent and effortless closing action.

Adjustment: With Blum Movento runners, the drawer can be adjusted (side, height and tilt) for easy precise alignment. An exact gap design can be achieved quickly, easily and tool free with no drawer modification. For furniture with inset drawers, a depth adjustment device can be purchased for precise alignment with the cabinet sides.
  • For wooden drawers constructed with a side thickness of 11-16mm
  • Blumotion soft close
  • Side, height & tilt adjustment
  • Optional depth adjustment available for inset drawers 
  • Unsurpassed smoothness when opening & closing
  • Impressive sag values
  • 40kg load bearing ability
  • 60kg on the 600, 650 & 700mm option
  • Fully protected closing springs
Supplied in handed pairs, complete with drawer locking device.

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