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Blum Soft Close Hinges

Blum soft close hinges

The latest in unobtrusive soft close hinges showcases CLIP top BLUMOTION - the new innovation by Blum. Winner of the internationally recognized iF product design award, these new Blum soft close hinges meet the trend towards sleek and simple design in kitchen and bedroom hinges.

Doors that close softly and silently are an expected feature of modern furniture. Previously, concealed hinges with a soft closing action could only be achieved by a separate dampening system which had to be drilled in or clipped on. Due to Blum’s continuous effort to perfect motion, the BLUMOTION feature has now been integrated into the hinges themselves. The challenge lay in fitting a highly complex system into a very small space within the hinges boss.

The Blum soft close hinges feature a deactivation switch if the doors are small or light. For thick doors, the improved pivot point ensures doors open without knocking against each other whilst it is possible to achieve a smaller door gap. Blum soft close hinges can be fitted to existing BLUM CLIP top mounting plates. These new hinges retain the tried and tested 3-dimensional adjustment for precise yet easy door alignment.