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Blum Soft Close

Blum soft close

Austrian engineering demonstrated at its best. Blumotion closes furniture doors, silently and effortlessly, even when closed with force. Whether its kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom furniture pre-fitted with a Blum hinge or not.

The damping effect of the innovative Blum soft close design eliminates noise as well as ensuring reduced wear and tear on the cabinet and hinges. All thanks to the intelligent technology of the slow close adaptive system. Reacting automatically to important factors such as, door size, door weight and closing speed, it then brakes the motion of the door accordingly. The result is perfect controlled closing motion every time.

Blum soft close - work's for almost any application and does not require any change to the hinge assembly. The mechanism is designed to simply clip on to any Blum clip hinge, four different styles are available to suit either straight or cranked hinge arms. Alternatively if your cabinet hinges are from an another manufacturer, you can still have Blum soft close with easily fitted assemblies either screwed or drilled into the cabinet sides.