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Blum HK Aventos Tip-On Lift Set

Product Code: 20K2500T
Brand: Blum
£55.37 Inc VAT
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Simple to install and smooth to operate, these Aventos push to open, Tip-On lift-stay sets, allow unobstructed access to overhead cabinets. The surface-mount mechanism installs to the cabinet side and eliminates the need for further hinges. The mechanism use a clip-on feature to allow doors to be removed without tools. 

Push the door and the Aventos Tip-On Lift mechanism effortlessly lifts the door through 107° and supports it in the open position (75° restrictors are available to limit its range to available clearance). As the door closes, integral soft-close dampers effortlessly and silently draws the door shut, preventing slamming.

The Tip-On Lift mechanism is easily adjusted for opening and closing tension or door alignment. 

Each set contains a pair of Aventos mechanisms, with plastic covers and door mounting brackets. The door flap must be between 205mm and 600mm high with a maximum door width of 1800mm. 

Multiply the cabinet height (mm) by the door weight (kg) *Door Weight Calculator
We recommend the more powerful lift for over lapping weight.

Additional Information:
Minimum Internal Depth: 207mm
Minimum Internal Height: 152mm
Please Note:
Tip-On for doors is required, standard is for doors up to 500mm high, extended is for larger doors, Find out more...

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