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Blum HK Aventos Lift Set

Product Code: 20K2300.05
Brand: Blum
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The Aventos HK Lifts are ideal for larger wall cabinets, especially in rooms with low ceilings high as they won't collide with design elements such as cornice. Simple to install and smooth to operate, the Blum HK Aventos allow unobstructed access to overhead cabinets. The surface-mount mechanism installs to the cabinet side and eliminate the need for further hinges. The mechanism use a clip-on feature to allow doors to be removed without tools. 

The Lift mechanism effortlessly lifts both heavy and light doors, while the variable stop ensures the fascia always remains in the desired position. 75° restrictors are available, should you wish to limit its range because of restricted clearance. As the door closes, integral soft-close dampers effortlessly and silently draws the door shut, preventing slamming. The Aventos lift mechanism is easily adjusted for opening and closing tension or door alignment. 

1 set per door is required and contains: a pair of Aventos mechanisms, with plastic covers and door mounting brackets. The door flap must be between 205mm and 600mm high with a maximum door width of 1800mm. We recommend a third lift for wide cabinets to prevent the door fascia sagging.

Multiply the cabinet height (mm) by the door weight (kg) *Door Weight Calculator
We recommend the more powerful lift for over lapping weight.

Additional Information:
Minimum Internal Depth: 207mm
Minimum Internal Height: 198mm
Please Note:
Max door weight 18kg for two lift mechanisms.

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