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Blum Blind Corner Hinge

This Blum blind corner hinge allows the cabinet door to open 95 degrees enabling easy access to the stored contents within. The hinges are metal alloy with a durable nickel coating and are compatible with all mounting plates in Blum's Clip Top range.

Available only as inset hinges for doors and cabinet muntins to align. Blum hinges are synonymous with being easy to install, a 35mm hole bored to a min depth of 12mm is required for doors 16-28mm thick. Each of the corner cabinet hinges require a mounting plate attached to the cabinet side, a 3mm mounting plate is used for the door and muntin to finish flush on the inside.

The door and 95 degree clip-top hinge simply clips to the mounting plate without the need for tools. Once fitted, these hinges are fully adjustable in three dimensions for precise door alignment at the touch of a spiral screw. The hinges are known as sprung, staying open or closed as required. Soft close is added by the addition of an optional handle soft close mechanism that drills into the cabinet side or uses an adapter plate. Hinges can be purchased individually or as a discounted bundle to include a 3mm mounting plate, boss and hinge arm cover.