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Blum 110° Face Frame Hinge

33.3600 Blum Face Frame Hinges
Product Code: 33.3600.Bundle
Brand: Blum
£3.44 Inc VAT
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*Image of bundle supplied with mounting plate and ⌀ 3.5 x 16 screws

Compact hinges are concealed hinges for face frame cabinets. They are easy to use and are adjustable in side, height, and depth dimensions. They also work with small and large overlays. COMPACT hinges are a great option for a wide variety of face frame applications.

Blum Face Frame Hinge  33.3600                   Technical Specification 
Opening Angle 110 Degree
Boss Type Screw On
Bore Size 35mm x 12mm Deep
Blumotion Soft Close Purchase Separately
Adjustment 2 Dimensional
Side Adjustment + / - 2 mm
Depth Adjustment + / - 2mm

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