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92° Opening Angle Stop - O° Protrusion Hinge

Product Code: 70T7553.09
Brand: Blum
£1.14 Inc VAT
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92° opening angle stop, for use with Blum zero protrusion hinges.

Hinge angle clips allow you to restrict the doors maximum opening to 92 degrees. This is an invaluable component for installing cabinet doors adjacent to walls or other obstacles.

Made from Nylon material.

Please Note: Only compatible with 71B7550D, 71B7550, 71T7550, 70T550.TL, 71B7650, 71B7690, 70T7690.TL 71B7590, 71T7590 and 70T.590.TL
If you are unsure whether you have the new type zero protrusion hinge, please see one the related products below. 

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